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JETech Privacy Screen Protector

jetechsecurityAs you may have read I had the JETech screen protector fitted to my iPhone 6S Plus, and it did its job well, but I somehow managed to catch the edge of the protector when putting it in my pocket and lifted the corner without noticing – dust got under the protector and made a small bubble – that annoyed me, so I bought a new protector!

I was going to purchase another of the standard screen protectors but when looking I stumbled upon this privacy version so thought that I’d give it a try.

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iPhoneFixUK iPhone 5 screen & battery Review

As with many things in life the weather is unpredictable, and as we know water and technology aren’t always the best of friends!  The other week my Dad was taking his dog for a walk, typical day really, dry with some clouds……until halfway round his usual journey, thats right, it rained, not a little rain but that rain that will make everything you are wearing wet no matter what protection you have!

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