Modular Games Console – why on earth not?

My console gaming life started in uni whilst watching Teletubbies (well what else do you expect IT students to do?) with a Playstation and Ridge Racer, well actually just the first level of Ridge Racer and an ongoing time trial competition that ended up sub 25 seconds for the lap once we beat the AI car.

Then nothing for a few years until I bought a Microsoft Xbox with Midtown Madness and some odd game called Halo……and then it started.

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Microsoft Office 365 Home edition (5 users)

Lets face it, we all use aspects of Office at some point and for many of us we are using an old out of date and no longer supported version, and whilst that suite does still do its job and will serve you well it doesn’t have any security or product updates and as recent cyber incidents have shown us, older applications could cause you an issue.

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Microsoft Surface 3 (Not Pro) Review

Finally!  Yep, I’ve managed to save up and get myself the shiney new MS Surface 3 with 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM – oddly they all show it being used with a pen but thats extra.

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