Pitaka Phone Case – Slimline protection

handcaseSo you’ve spent loads of money on your new mobile phone (either outright or via your monthly phone bill), it has the latest super mega hard gorilla diamond glass and ultra space age black-hole military grade aluminium and then one day you have an argument with gravity and unfortunately test Newton’s laws of motion for yourself.

Gravity will probably win which means your new phone won’t come off well.

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My list of must have holiday gadgets…


Each time I pack my bag I end up spending time figuring out what tech I need to take, how its going to fit into the bag and what, if anything I should leave at home!  This list varies slightly depending on where and how long but there are some key things.

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Brodit In Car Device Holder – helps safer driving

There are loads of gadgets available for use in your car, some of these come with their own mounts which are quite generic in their mounting options such as glass suckers.  Then there are the holders that claim to fit most devices and either again use window suckers or air vent clips – the latter being fiddly and for a lot of cars now they aren’t that practical due to thinner plastic being used on vents.

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iPhoneFixUK iPhone 5 screen & battery Review

As with many things in life the weather is unpredictable, and as we know water and technology aren’t always the best of friends!  The other week my Dad was taking his dog for a walk, typical day really, dry with some clouds……until halfway round his usual journey, thats right, it rained, not a little rain but that rain that will make everything you are wearing wet no matter what protection you have!

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