WERO Multi function Apple Charging Station

img_2915If you are a fan of Apple devices then you might want to have a neat and tidy way of charging them all, your iPhone, your iPad, your iWatch and even the AirPods.

A few months ago I was sent 2 products from WERO to test and review, you may have read my review on the WERO Apple Watch desktop stand and noticed that I mentioned another item – This item.

But there was a slight issue upon assembly…..

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iOS 11 – The Quirks so far

Last Update (6) – 5th November – iOS 11.1

So iOS 11 has been out for a few days now and with every major release of iOS many things change, some very clearly advertised and a lot that are hidden in some webpage somewhere or just in Apple’s secret knowledge farm.

This is what I’ve found so far, and I will continue to update these over the next few weeks should I find anymore.

These have been found using my iPad (2017 version) and my iPhone 6S+

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ESR Branded iPad (2017) Protective Case – Poor Quality Case

I had the 2017 iPad on release day which replaced my previous iPad Air 2, the case from the Air 2 didn’t fit so I had to buy a new case.

Being such a new device meant the selection of cases wasn’t great – a few well over priced Apple cases and a handful of after market cases on Amazon and eBay.

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My list of must have holiday gadgets…


Each time I pack my bag I end up spending time figuring out what tech I need to take, how its going to fit into the bag and what, if anything I should leave at home!  This list varies slightly depending on where and how long but there are some key things.

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Kvago iPad Air 2 Leather Case with stylus and screen protector

There was a time where Apple accessories would far out weigh any after market item, but over the last few years this has been reversed with a lot of unknown third parties coming up with products that equal or better the Apple equivalent and this case is one of those items.

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