Pitaka Phone Case – Slimline protection

handcaseSo you’ve spent loads of money on your new mobile phone (either outright or via your monthly phone bill), it has the latest super mega hard gorilla diamond glass and ultra space age black-hole military grade aluminium and then one day you have an argument with gravity and unfortunately test Newton’s laws of motion for yourself.

Gravity will probably win which means your new phone won’t come off well.

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ESR Branded iPad (2017) Protective Case – Poor Quality Case

I had the 2017 iPad on release day which replaced my previous iPad Air 2, the case from the Air 2 didn’t fit so I had to buy a new case.

Being such a new device meant the selection of cases wasn’t great – a few well over priced Apple cases and a handful of after market cases on Amazon and eBay.

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Kvago iPad Air 2 Leather Case with stylus and screen protector

There was a time where Apple accessories would far out weigh any after market item, but over the last few years this has been reversed with a lot of unknown third parties coming up with products that equal or better the Apple equivalent and this case is one of those items.

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