Everyday Carry – Gadget list

Following on from my list of must have holiday gadgets (Blog here) I have created my list of EveryDay Carry (EDC) Gadgets, the things that I need to take everywhere with me, almost like little electronic comforters!

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My list of must have holiday gadgets…


Each time I pack my bag I end up spending time figuring out what tech I need to take, how its going to fit into the bag and what, if anything I should leave at home!  This list varies slightly depending on where and how long but there are some key things.

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Anker Astro E1 Portable Power Bank Review

My iPhone can pretty much last me all day with my normal use, plenty of browsing, Whatsapping, texting and the odd photo here and there but I was introduced to Ingress (a game,which due to the attitude of other players I’ve stopped playing) and this game was a battery sucker – this was down to a permanent GPS connect, a permanent data connection and the fact that you are playing a live app.  This meant a massive jump in the power requirements of my iPhone and as the game is based outside its hard to take a mains extension cable to ensure it has charge.

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