Gadget Wish List

Yes I love tech, toys, gadgets, gizmos or whatever name you want to give them and these are on my list of what I’d love to review.

  • Samsung 4K Ultra HD curved screen – I’ve always loved Samsung screens, to me they always give a great picture and they look good too, 4K gives that extra dimension of nearly 3D but without the need for oversized glasses.
  • Samsung 4K Blu-Ray player (to match the TV!)
  • Bean to cup coffee machine
  • iPhone 7S Plus (Assuming the 2017 model is such named!)
  • iWatch 3 (When release)
  • A weather station – my unit from Maplins has now failed.
  • New Car, after nearly 3 years and over 56,000 miles its time for a change from the Dacia to something more upmarket with lots of toys!
  • Xbox One X – yes, the X version
  • Any other Gadgets – I love playing with them, learning how they work, seeing if they can be improved and using them, so the more the merrier!

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