WERO Apple Watch desktop stand

20170624_172531413_iOSI’ve had my Apple watch a year now and love it, but something I’ve not liked is just placing it on my bedside table to charge, it feels wrong – it needs something better, something to hold it and make Nightstand mode useful.

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H&S Adjustable Laptop Stand

img_0268Last christmas I managed (for once) to get a bargain in the sales and replace my old Intel NUC with a Lenovo laptop, nothing fancy just something to browse the web, sync to OneDrive and write posts on. Since then I used its box as a stand, which was OK but not perfect. In the last couple of months our systems at work have been updated which means I'm able to work from home more often, but I needed a workstation.

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Pitaka Phone Case – Slimline protection

handcaseSo you’ve spent loads of money on your new mobile phone (either outright or via your monthly phone bill), it has the latest super mega hard gorilla diamond glass and ultra space age black-hole military grade aluminium and then one day you have an argument with gravity and unfortunately test Newton’s laws of motion for yourself.

Gravity will probably win which means your new phone won’t come off well.

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EDC – 20-in-1 Multi Gadget

20170712_144306991_iOSWell curiosity finally got the better of me and I bought one of these Every Day Carry 20 in 1 multi gadgets to see how they would fair in everyday life.

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JETech iPhone 6+/6S+/7+ Screen Protector

20170715_132444221_iOSWe’ve all had that heart wrenching moment, you know the one I’m on about – Kylo Ren thrusts his lightsaber in Hans’ chest but also when you drop your phone and (like toast) it has to land screen side down and then that shot of pain as you see your phone has a crack – This is even worse when it’s your brand new week old Samsung Galaxy 8…..(not me, I’ve had Android phones before and won’t have one again – I’m in the Apple corner).

Anyway, my little cuddly ewok of a friend learnt a valuable lesson, when you have a new phone buy a case and a screen protector!

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