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Gadget of The Week – InnoGadget USB Keyring

20171111_152646239_iOSIt’s been a while since my last GoTW post, I’ve been busy with many other things and not had many things to review recently (which is handy as I’ve been so busy!) but here we are back with another cheeky little gadget to feature!

This week is an Innogadget USB to lightning charge and data cable keyring – It’s a mouthful to say but a useful thing to have.

Innogadget gave me a choice of which cable I’d like to review but as I’m sat firmly in the Apple corner it made sense to pick a lightning version.

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Gadget of the Week – Kingston MobileLite G4

img_0290So I’ve noticed another slightly annoying difference between my Lenovo laptops and my cameras – The storage cards are different formats, SD and MicroSD.

One camera uses microSD, the other camera uses normal SD – One laptop has a MicroSD reader and one has a normal SD reader!

So I went looking for a suitable card reader and found the Kingston MobileLite G4.

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Gadget of the Week – Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine

img_0248More coffee goodness!  As I said in last week’s GotW (read here) it was a 2 part thing, last week was my relax, enjoy and appreciate coffee, this week is the quick and easy half decent cup of coffee with just a quick press of a button – Also how I get through a standard week at work as one of these is also in our office.

Welcome to the Bosch Tassimo T20 coffee machine!

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Gadget of the Week – Krups Nespresso Citiz

img_0231This week’s Gadget of the Week is technically split into 2 weeks worth of Gadgets, this is because they both deserve their own GotW post!  Many years ago man discovered fire, shortly after they discovered coffee and when adding coffee to fire and then adding that coffee to hot water they discovered a drink that would allow modern technology to exist.

After all, every tech survives on coffee!

So this week’s GotW is none other than the Krups Citiz for Nespresso pods.

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Gadget of the Week – JML Chillmax Pillow

20170722_171003333_iOSIt’s the summer in the UK, how can we tell?  Well the rain is warmer and sometimes the sun actually shines!  But with rain and sun comes humidity and with humidity comes heavy, sticky, sleepless nights.  I may be shrek like and find that beauty sleep doesn’t do much, but Ogre sleep does make me less grumpy!

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