Belling Kensington 90DFT Dual Fuel Range

Ever since we planned on buying our own house we’ve wanted a big kitchen and a range cooker, so the house design we chose has a reasonable sized kitchen (big enough for a range cooker) so logically we wanted a range cooker.

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Huel – The meal replacement, or is it?

We’ve all been there, sat on Facebook and one of those odd adverts comes up for a meal replacement/lifestyle change and we generally ignore them.  Curiousity got the better of me so I went looking for more info.

Now the claim is Huel is a meal replacement that is good for you and calorie controlled, so far so good.  It also contains a huge chunk of nutrients that most people just don’t get enough off (me included).

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Global Gourmet Electric Tabletop Pizza Maker

Mmmmm pizza…..(in a Homer Simpson type drool)

You may have noticed that I like food, especially BBQs and Pizzas and I love firing up the pizza oven and making a stack of pizzas – the only problem is the weather, its not easy to do it in the rain and I can’t leave the pizza stone in my weber out over the winter incase the frosts we get decide to damage it.

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Easiyo Home Yoghurt Maker Review

Healthy yoghurt and me?  Sounds odd but its true!  I am a creature of habit and very fussy with my taste in yoghurt, part of this is from the awful tasting stuff they used to serve in school – toffee yoghurt anyone?  This is why strawberry yoghurt has always been my flavour of choice, and pretty much limited to Muller branded ones too.

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Weber Pizza Oven add-on Review

Its time for homemade pizza heaven!  Not that this was the primary reason for buying a 57cm Weber BBQ but it was a close second.

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