About Me

So whats this all about I hear you read aloud in your head?

Well its simple, for many years I’ve always struggled to find decent reviews for products I wish to purchase, so with this in mind I’ve decided its time to start blogging about the things I buy.

What type of things?

Any useful gadget or item that takes my fancy to be honest, but as I been working in IT for nearly 20 years now and have a love of tech, cars, sci-fi and food then the chances are it’ll fit into one or more of those categories.  

Occasionally I’ll review a service but thats when its either exceptionally good or very poor and as a useful guide for others.

All my reviews will be my opinion, some might not like them and may have a differing view, but they will be based on my experience of the product or service.

Review Types

Some products only need a quick and simple review, some need a more in-depth and thorough review.

Amazon Reviews – Top 1000 Reviewer

Prior to the change in Amazon’s review policy I was reveiwing a variety of products sent to me, some turned out to be very good and some very poor.

Because of the policy changes and to keep within their guidelines I no longer accept review requests for the Amazon site (I will review the product here if requested), this includes ‘buying’ the product and receiving a refund after purchase.

Any recent reviews on Amazon are from products I have purchased for myself.

I am currently ranked 700th in the top 10,000 reviewers list, and I’ve reviewed nearly 400 products.

Disclaimers and other stuff.

I don’t sell any of the products I review, nor do I have any connection to any company making any of the products I review.  If possible I will link to the product via Amazon, direct to the manufacturer or via the site I purchased from.

If I am sent a product to review, the review will still be conducted like all other reviews and my opinion will still be honest (And yes, I have given reviews via Amazon on poor products – people spend their money on these and should know what they are likely to receive).

The work on this site is mine, I may use stock images for things but they clearly show what I am reviewing.

The content on this site may not be reproduced without my permission.

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