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August 22, 2018

Leisure CuisineMaster Range Cooker – CS90F530

by GFR2

Its time for range cooker version 2 (our 3rd cooker for those keeping count). Our failed Belling was replaced with the CS90F530 from Leisure.

The phrase chalk and cheese is perfect to describe the differences, this range is everything we expected from a range cooker and what the Belling should have been.

As installed in our new kitchen

Same footprint, same number of ovens, same number of burners – all the power specs are pretty much the same.

There are differences –

  • The oven doors are glass based, they use clips to close and don’t flex and open during use – so a major improvement over the Belling.
  • The tall oven isn’t as wide but it heats up so much quicker than the Belling, it also has better heat distribution.
  • The main oven is larger, it takes a little longer to heat up but again the heat distribution seems better and cooking times are more accurate.
  • The grill pan is thicker, the handle is an actual handle rather than a slide on metal clip.
  • The main oven has catalytic side walls for self-cleaning.
  • The tall oven has 4 shelves, not the 3 supplied with the Belling.
  • The cooker came with all the bits without having to chase for them, the cast iron grilling pan that slots onto the hob is excellent.
  • The hob is better spaced out, pans aren’t fighting for hob space.
  • The controls feel better, not as vague when you turn the dials.
  • But the temperature markings are face on rather than top down, this is the only place that the Belling is better.

If this model had been in Currys when we visited then we would have chosen this at the beginning, but it was an online order only – it is superior in every way to the Belling and the cost was the same.

It’s had a thorough testing, has been used for various dishes and functions (grilling, cooking, keeping warm) and all our trays also fit into the main oven so that’s also a bonus.

If you considering a range cooker, then this is one to seriously look at.

The following spec is from the Leisure website. – Leisure CS90F530

Leisure CS90F530K from Currys – CS90F530K

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