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February 18, 2018

Globenfeld Super Sports 2.0 Mens Watch

by GFR2

20180209_175927482_iOSIt’s time, that thing we know is there, we live our lives by it, we never have enough of it and we are obsessed by it.  We watch it, we count it, we spend it.

Luckily though we aren’t part of the film ‘In Time’ where currency is time, your time.  However like the film we still need to track its passage and what better way to do that than with a watch.

I’ve been asked to review this Globenfeld watch and see just how well it tracks time.

The first thing you will notice about this watch is its size – it’s not for small wrists as it will dominate, the second thing is it’s weight, it has that quality weight feel rather than an artificially weighted product.

It’s presented as a watch that should have a price tag of a couple of hundred pounds, but in fact it’s normally around £60 and sometimes on Daily Deals or found on Black Friday deals for half that!

I’ve had my selection of watches over the years, the usual Casio offerings, a Seiko, a couple of Storm watches, a couple of Kahunas and a couple of Swatch watches.  For me the Globenfeld watch sits directly between the Kahunas and the Swatch watches – Better quality than the Kahunas but not quite as good as a Swatch, basically almost Swatch quality but for a Kahuna price, so in my opinion a good purchase!

Plenty of features, it’s a Sports watch after all so it has the usual features such as stop watch and lap timer but it’s the blue backlight that makes does it for me, I know it’s only a small feature but it works!

As with most watches the strap is adjustable, easily done by your local jewellers or with a simple kit available on Amazon.  The strap itself is easy to unclip to remove the watch but doesn’t pop open when you flex your wrist like others seem to do.  It’s also flexible straight out of the box rather than stiff (such as a leather strap or cheaper metal straps).

If you are looking for a new watch as a gift or for yourself, it’s worth taking a look at the Globenfeld series of watches.

Globenfeld Sports Watch 2.0 –

Globenfeld Watches –

Strap Adjusters –

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