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August 10, 2017

H&S Adjustable Laptop Stand

by GFR2

img_0268Last christmas I managed (for once) to get a bargain in the sales and replace my old Intel NUC with a Lenovo laptop, nothing fancy just something to browse the web, sync to OneDrive and write posts on. Since then I used its box as a stand, which was OK but not perfect. In the last couple of months our systems at work have been updated which means I'm able to work from home more often, but I needed a workstation.

After a long search on Amazon, I found a selection of laptop stands in an assortment of colours and materials and a selection of prices to match.

I was after an adjustable stand that could sit low and flat for storage but also double up as a laptop desk for when I was working from home and sat in my comfy beanbag. I know it's not a chair, but its more comfortable for me.

I found several models which looked pretty much the same but with different branding on them, oddly one of the cheapest had Prime delivery so I opted for that one.

It's a simple design, a flat metal shelf, adjustable plastic legs and a smaller secondary shelf for your mouse. Its 95% assembled in the box (mouse shelf isn't attached) and within minutes you have a working laptop desk……

img_0267Well yes and no, adjustments are pretty simple and very quick – press the button, turn the leg. At a low-level its stable but raise it up and you have to play around with the legs quite a lot to get the stable surface and depending on your laptop it can be quite tricky.  1 angle is perfect with the lid closed, but less stable with it open and vice-versa.

The mouse shelf is quick and easy to install, but does move if you apply too much pressure, not that much of an issue unless you are heavy-handed, you rest your wrist on it or have a gaming laptop.

But the disappointing thing for me is the finish on the front of the main shelf, there are 4 very rough patches where the shelf was cut from the main sheet, 30 seconds and a sander would have smoothed that off, but alas it was left.

All in all its an OK buy for the price (£26) but if you can afford to spend more than £26 then I would, it'll do me for the time being until I can make a more permanent work area.

H&S Portable Adjustable Laptop stand -

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