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August 5, 2017


Gadget of the Week – Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine

by GFR2

img_0248More coffee goodness!  As I said in last week’s GotW (read here) it was a 2 part thing, last week was my relax, enjoy and appreciate coffee, this week is the quick and easy half decent cup of coffee with just a quick press of a button – Also how I get through a standard week at work as one of these is also in our office.

Welcome to the Bosch Tassimo T20 coffee machine!

It’s a well-known fact that IT people live on coffee, some more than others, if someone who works in IT doesn’t drink coffee then they must be faulty, especially if you see those people drinking something else like hot chocolate or even Irn Bru!

Of course I love my Nespresso machine, but at times I want quick and easy coffee and that’s where the Tassimo system comes in – Same principle as the Nespresso, it’s a pod based system, except each pod has a barcode and that barcode tells the Tassimo machine how much water to pump through and what to do with it.

As before, fill the tank, insert the pod, press the button – for a multi-pod drink such as Cappuccino, the milk pod goes first (after a good shake), then the coffee pod.

Then enjoy……

It’s not the same as Nespresso, it’s not the same as going to your favourite coffee shop, but it is much better than a ‘coffee’ from a machine (I use the word ‘coffee’ because sometimes the only connection to coffee these machines has is brown water) and far, far, far, far better than any instant coffee you will ever have, ever! (no, I’m not a fan of instant coffee)

img_0249There is something that the Tassimo does do, which others don’t and that’s the array of flavours – Coffee comes in more than 4 types (with or without milk, with or without sugar) and Tassimo have quite a selection, from simple espresso to full on flavoured lattes, they also cater for those who like flavoured coffees, hot chocolates and even a selection of teas – Quick note, if you are having tea in a Tassimo, give the nozzle a quick rinse first, apparently nothing wrecks a cup of Earl Grey faster than the taste of coffee – the other solution, drink the coffee.


Personally I survive on the following and shamelessly buy them depending on what is the cheapest on Amazon at the time, or whats available in Costco!

img_0250I have also tried the Oreo one, which is odd because you taste Oreo but there is no crunch so it feels wrong!  And I’ve recently stumbled upon a new Bailey’s flavoured one which is entirely alcohol free and with a touch of sugar actually tastes like the Bailey’s winter warmer I make with my Nespresso!



If you are thinking of buying one of these machines, shop around as you can pick them up from around £30 upwards when of offer – Check Argos, Curry’s, Amazon and even Tassimo themselves, they occasionally do a very good deal.

Tassimo –

Tassimo Machines at Amazon –

Tassimo Machines at Currys – Currys


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  1. Aisha Arshad
    Aug 7 2017

    It’s been over 2-years since I left, you know me too well 😝



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