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July 29, 2017


Gadget of the Week – Krups Nespresso Citiz

by GFR2

img_0231This week’s Gadget of the Week is technically split into 2 weeks worth of Gadgets, this is because they both deserve their own GotW post!  Many years ago man discovered fire, shortly after they discovered coffee and when adding coffee to fire and then adding that coffee to hot water they discovered a drink that would allow modern technology to exist.

After all, every tech survives on coffee!

So this week’s GotW is none other than the Krups Citiz for Nespresso pods.

Being me and being a huge coffee fan (that’s a big fan of coffee and not a fan of huge coffees) means that I have many ways of making the drink of the gods – At one point it was 7 different machines and devices but I found that I really ended up using only 3 (depending on my coffee need) devices.

The Krups Citiz is my machine for pure coffee enjoyment.

This is my second Nespresso machine and the only reason I replaced the first was down to the fact that you had to guess when to stop the water flow, where as this device delivers the perfect amount of water for your coffee depending on your selection.


It’s a pretty simple concept, add water to the tank (easily removed for filling and cleaning), turn on, allow it to heat up (takes less than a minute), pop in a pod of your choice and press a button (depending on the type of coffee you are having).

The pod collection drawer, flip down stand (for varying cup sizes) and drip catcher are all removable for easy emptying and washing.

Pods used to only be available in the Nespresso Boutiques or online, but many places now offer Nespresso compatible pods – I’ve tried a huge selection but haven’t been able to find the tastes that I get with the Nespresso pods, but this is my tastes and will be different to many others.

For those interested I pretty much stick with the same 3 flavours

  1. For a nice smooth coffee which works well no matter how you have it, I use the Arpeggio. (strength 9)
  2. For that intense hit of strength, I use the Ristretto. (strength 10)
  3. And my all time favourite, which I reserve for pure coffee indulgence or to make my winter warmer (more on that in a bit), I use the Kazaar. (strength 12)

I also like to sample their limited editions when they take my fancy, and quite often end up buying some when I go over to Cologne in Germany – Visiting their boutique is a must on my visit.

20170616_164228260_iosNothing tastes better first thing in the morning than a double Nespresso.

For me 2 Arpeggio pods and a tiny bit of sugar and I’m set.  One of my most used cups too, I have a massive collection (all currently in storage though).



img_0232Now back to this winter warmer, Nespresso also do a milk frother (Now the Aerocinno) – my version is one of the originals and it’s been well used for cappuccino over the years but a few years ago I tried something different and it worked wonders!


Inside this frother are markings depending on what you are making, a latte marking and a cappuccino marking – Along with these are 2 different heads, again one each for both types.

20170616_164320893_iosSo what I did was pretty simple, inserted the latte head and filled the frother up to the cappuccino marking with………..Baileys Irish Cream* and heated it up, once heated the cup is then under the Citiz and a single Kazaar is added and the winter warmer is born!

The heated Baileys takes on a sweeter taste but combined with the shot of intense coffee and it’s something else.

For me the coffee offerings from Nespresso are better than others, the selection, the machines, the range of accessories and also if you visit one of their boutiques, a level of service which is hard to find elsewhere and you also get to sample their coffee! (Just not the winter warmer).

The next step for me is to upgrade again, once the house is built and we’ve moved in (and done all the normal things like carpets and flooring) then I’ll be taking advantage of Nespresso’s latest offer – A monthly subscription plan (cost varies) with a machine for just £1, I’ve got my eye on their Lattissima Touch – insert the pod and milk and the drink is made!  So hopefully next year will see me write a review of that machine.

Krups UK –

Nespresso –

Nespresso Subscription Plans –

Nespresso Pod Recycling – Pod Recycling

*cheaper Irish creams don’t work that well as they are normally very thin in consistency.

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