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July 25, 2017


EDC – 20-in-1 Multi Gadget

by GFR2

20170712_144306991_iOSWell curiosity finally got the better of me and I bought one of these Every Day Carry 20 in 1 multi gadgets to see how they would fair in everyday life.

Firstly a little competition – count the number of tools you can see on this, now we tried this at work and we average 16 tools per person, which isn’t bad but according to the list there is 20 – I think a couple of stretching the bounds of imagination myself, but they are listed.


Here is the complete list of 20.


Now I will stress this at the start, this is not suitable for every day use! Its more a get out of jail free tool or something to have around for that odd occasion when you need a tool but don’t have your Gerber, Leatherman or Victorinox to hand.  But in all fairness, if you did have one of those and did use it as your EDC you won’t need one of these!

The metal is thin, the clip isn’t that secure, the file doesn’t do much, the Philips screwdriver heads are oddly the same size and if your screw has any sort of torque behind it then stop, and go and get a screwdriver – Or better yet, use your tongue as in ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’, it would be more effective!

There are a few of the 20 tools I haven’t tested such as the spoke wrench and the nail cleaner.

20170712_144147827_iOSNow there may be an original out there which I’ve yet to find, or they may all be cheap copies – This is a cheap version!  Prices range from £2 up to and including £20 for what the pictures show as exactly the same thing.  I paid £3 for one located in the UK rather than £2 for one with a 4 week delivery.

On the positive side, the rule is accurate, it’s very good at opening cardboard boxes and opening tins of paint.

Its fun as a novelty gift, someone who collects key-rings or for someone who needs a cheap tool and is unlikely to rely on it or use it all the time – Maybe a buy it and keep it in your desk or car for that once a year opportunity when you need something.

And of course there is always secret Santa…..





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