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July 15, 2017


JETech iPhone 6+/6S+/7+ Screen Protector

by GFR2

20170715_132444221_iOSWe’ve all had that heart wrenching moment, you know the one I’m on about – Kylo Ren thrusts his lightsaber in Hans’ chest but also when you drop your phone and (like toast) it has to land screen side down and then that shot of pain as you see your phone has a crack – This is even worse when it’s your brand new week old Samsung Galaxy 8…..(not me, I’ve had Android phones before and won’t have one again – I’m in the Apple corner).

Anyway, my little cuddly ewok of a friend learnt a valuable lesson, when you have a new phone buy a case and a screen protector!

There are so many tempered glass screen protectors out there that it’s hard to know the difference between them all and in all fairness I have had and tested quite a few – And so far they have all worked very well, I am of course not brave enough to perform the type of tests that they claim will leave your phone undamaged (Such as the drill test)!

The problem is down to application – These screens are all well and good but applying them correctly is a dark art – Cleaning the screen is the important part and once thats done it’s the alignment, good luck with that!  You get one edge lined up and the other is out but once you try and remove and start again, very small impossible to see specs of dust will seek you out and land on the underside of the now removed glass…..

Well it was a dark art until JE Tech sent me a sample of their tempered glass protector.

20170715_132724261_iOSYes it is a standard tempered glass protector that appears to look like all the others and yes it has the same cleaning cloths and sticky tapes that the others have.  But there is something else, the large black plastic frame you see in the photo is and application device!



So same procedure (as per the supplied instructions) – Clean the screen, then use the blue tape to remove dust etc.

Clip on the plastic bezel (At this stage I also cleaned the screen again!)

20170715_132633403_iOSAnd then install the glass – Yes its that easy, the bezel has a notch at the top and a button cover at the bottom, the glass protector have these cutouts which means it can only go in one way with no play and no guess work.



20170715_132805808_iOSAnd yes, its perfectly aligned – to the mm, which when you are me is very important (My last screen protector was about half a mm out at the top and that annoyed me!

Quick and easy to apply and should protect your phone from accidentally slipping out of either your little ewok hands or my big shrek like hands!







*Note from me – Apologies for the poor images, I was taking photos using my iPod touch and they suck!  Won’t be making that mistake again!

JE Tech Screen Protector for iPhone 6+, 6S+ and 7+* –

JE Tech Products* –

* indicates affiliate link

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