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July 15, 2017

Gadget of the Week – Salter Electric Grill

by GFR2

Food and gadgets, not always 2 things that are thought of together, but when you think of it you probably have a fair number of foody gadgets in your kitchen but you just don’t consider them to be so.

Here we have a gadget that I bought to perform 2 tasks.

  1. Make quick and easy toasted tuna melts – Can’t go wrong there.
  2. The primary reason (Yes I know it’s listed 2nd) – To replicate the McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin.

Now someone out there is going to say why bother when you can go to McDonalds and buy one, well

  • McDonalds only serve breakfast until 10:30am and these make a nice brunch/lunch.
  • I have to drive to a McDonalds to get them which isn’t the best use of my time.
  • It costs more to get a McDonalds one.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the egg in their McMuffin and McDonalds stopped doing the big breakfast which means I can no longer build my own with the scrambled egg.
  • If you order a McMuffin without the cheese, it takes longer to make for some odd reason.

And this is the reason I bought one of these from Amazon. (Also available in B&M) – This particular model isn’t currently available from Amazon, but they do have a selection of other Salter ones – Click me for Grilling Goodness

Yes the device is only part of what you need, but the rest is easy when you find them!

First thing to do is get yourself down to Tesco or Asda and buy some eggs, some English Muffins and one of these 3 products (2 options for meat eaters, 1 for veggies) –


I’ve had all 3 options and they all work well, but their cooking varies slightly.

Quorn – These are frozen and as such they can dry out. but there is a way to stop this.  Take a patty out and cook it in the microwave for 30 seconds on high (15 seconds per side) then, and yes I am being serious, run the patty under warm water giving it a good coating – it adds moisture to the now defrosted patty.  Cook it in the grill for 1-2 minutes until browned to your taste.

Tesco – Put a couple of these into the grill before turning it on, plug it in and around 8 minutes they are cooked – every 2 minutes just move them around a little so they don’t stick and they also give a more even finish.

Asda – These are fresh so require less time and work best on a pre-heated grill – 5 minutes works well, check after 2 and again move them around to give a nice criss-cross cooking finish.

Muffins – Slice in half and toast on a low settings so only just browning or heated.

Eggs – The choice is yours but I prefer to do one of two things – Either make a small omelette in my Tefal mini square omelette pan or using one of my silicon egg rings, a simple fried egg – the egg ring means you have a perfectly round fried egg that is the same size as the muffin and patty.

Cheese – optional

Sauce – optional

And that’s it – Your own home cooked version of the McMuffin – Now depending on which option you go for then each cooked muffin is around £1 – so cheaper than McDonalds and once you’ve made a few of them (And trust me you will!) the grill pays for itself and you are also full of tasty breakfast muffins!

Salter UK –

Salter Grills on Amazon –

Tesco Sausage Patties – Tesco Groceries

Asda Sausage Patties – Asda Groceries

Quorn Breakfast Patties –

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