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July 11, 2017

ESR Branded iPad (2017) Protective Case – Poor Quality Case

by GFR2

I had the 2017 iPad on release day which replaced my previous iPad Air 2, the case from the Air 2 didn’t fit so I had to buy a new case.

Being such a new device meant the selection of cases wasn’t great – a few well over priced Apple cases and a handful of after market cases on Amazon and eBay.

After a long search I found this ESR branded case on Amazon for £9 – a very good price for what was advertised.  Hard plastic case, with various cut-outs etc for the switches and a leather type front cover with magnetic locking.

The case was delivered next day (the beauty of Amazon prime!) and fitted very quickly and easily.

So far so good, but not for long……

I pride myself on looking after my tech, it’s always spotless, looks like new and is treated like an extension of myself.  Never thrown around, always kept in a decent padded bag and treated with the utmost care.

With a month I noticed the top edge seemed a little too flexible and loose, and upon inspection a small crack had appeared in the plastic.

Two months after buying and both outer corners had small cracks.

Now three months later as you can see in the following pictures the cracks have grown and are spreading quickly.

This case is soon to be scrapped – such a poor case from ESR and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.  Yes it was only £9 and you could argue that its fine that this has happened in such a short time.

After having previous KHOMO branded cases for pretty much the same cost, which were the same design and lasted as long as I kept those devices (in fact the iPad mini case is still going strong several years later on a family members iPad), this ESR is a disappointment.

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