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July 9, 2017

Gadget of the Week – Worx Sonicrafter F30

by GFR2

Worx Sonicrafter F30Oddly this is something I forgot to actually fully review last year when I bought it, maybe because I was a tad busy with planning the wedding and everything that went with it!  So to make up for this, it’s this weeks Gadget of the week and review.

Anyway, after much planning and discussion I decided that for our wedding I was going to design and build our wedding cake stand!  We had decided on Cupcakes rather than a standard tiered cake so this meant something to display the cakes but also work with both the venue and the theme of the wedding – So not much of a mammoth task then!

The basics came together on my ever trusty A3 sketch pad (Yes I know, it’s not a gadget, its actual paper and an actual pencil!) and the design started to take shape and the material of choice was wood, and lots of it.

My current selection of tools is very good, but they are mainly based for cars and PC with some basic DIY functionality.  I’d needed some decent tools for the wood but also had to factor in the budget as weddings are stupidly expensive (just add the word wedding to anything and it doubles in price!).

I had a jigsaw (So called because when cutting any straight line it becomes a jigsaw piece) and a cordless drill (My over worked and abused Xtreme Drill from Homebase) but didn’t have anything to sand or cut the wood properly – I also knew that my design would require the use of metal fixing plates, long wood screws and some dowels.  Yes I know there are better ways I could have accomplished some of this work but it was done entirely in the back garden on a single portable workbench.

After looking around and seeing the huge assortment of tools that I would love to buy, I finally settled on the Worx Sonicrafter F30 – It seemed to do everything I needed it to do, plus uses for later when the new  house is finally built.

Of course once I have the new house as the garage will become a fully functional workshop with a host of power tools – I have a load of things to make for my wife’s school let alone all the DIY projects planned for the new house including Sofa bookcase, bedroom shoe rack, 2 home office units, BBQ/Pizzaoven unit, Decking, Pergola, wooden garden seats and table! (Yes I am going to be one busy person, but look at all the new gadgets I’ll get to review!)

Wood SlicesBack to the stand and the Sonicrafter, the first thing was prepping the wood slices.  Once these had spent several days drying out (they were fresh) the Sonicrafter had the Sanding attachment fitted and off we went.  The unit has 6 speed settings which meant the sanding was very quick and easy to do, especially with the selection of sanding discs included.




The next stages were trickier, because of the tiered design and me worrying about strong it would be I decided to connect the 3 base slices together from the underside with metal plates – This meant cutting sections into each slice so that the plate and it’s screws would be under the level of the wood and not scratch the surface of the table the stand would eventually sit on.  This took a matter of seconds per slice with the Sonicrafter, marked out the cutting area, flipped the quick release lever and changed the sanding head for a wood cutting blade.

Next were the uprights – again more fresh wood that needed drying out which meant they were ready in a few days.  Out came the Sonicrafter, flip the lever and the circular wood cutting tool was in place and ready to go – Now unlike the jigsaw this cut the wood as I wanted it and again only took a few seconds.

First StageOut came the trusty Xtreme drill to drill the holes to assemble the slices and uprights.  And now assembly…..


As you can see, the metal work is perfectly hidden and the only exposed metal at this stage is the tops of the screws in the 2nd and top layer from where the uprights were attached.


Now at this stage the weather changed and my slices dried out even more and they split but not badly.




Once the splits had stopped I decided to add a little wood filler for cover all the screw tops but also to create a contrast in the splits which I think worked well.  The wood filler was applied, it dried and yep, you guessed it – The Sonicrafter came out with it’s sanding head and made everything smooth as could be.

Next was the additional outer mini slices – All sanded with the Sonicrafter before being attached, but these were attached using small wooden dowels and a dab of wood glue.

FinishedThe last thing needed was the wood stain – I opted for stain rather than varnish and I’m glad I did as the effect was amazing.


In a few short weeks, a drill and the amazing Sonicrafter F30 I had turned several pieces of wood into a work of art (well in my opinion!)

Had I not had the Sonicrafter I’m sure things wouldn’t have turned out as well and I would have actually changed the design to fit in with the tools I had.

I thank you Worx for your tool made this possible!  And I will be buying more of your tools once I have the new house.



Cupcake StandAnd how did it look on the big day?  This says it all!










Worx Tools –

Worx Sonicrafter F30 from Argos –

Wedding day photo take by – Simon Gough Photography

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