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July 1, 2017

Gadget of the Week – Wera Tool-Check Plus

by GFR2
Wera Tool-Check Plus

Wera Tool-Check Plus

It’s been a long week this week and the weekend has been no exception, helping people move house to a new place and with moving comes furniture that seems bigger than the doorways and stairs!

Xtreme Drill

Xtreme Drill & Quick release bit

So here we are with Wera and my Extreme Cordless drill to the rescue, within a few minutes that Ikea wardrobe was in pieces and on the back of the removals lorry (aka the Tardis) ready for re-assembly the other side.  Equally quick work of a bed and also removal (and replacement) of an obstruction so the sofa could join in on the moving party.


Now whilst I was doing this, part of the moving team were raiding Ikea and what a collection of spoils they came back with….all flat-packed (except a rug, no tools required!)

Over the years I (like a lot of you) have had numerous toolkits and have a massive collection of bits and the reason I keep these bits is simple, most aren’t made of metal but are made of metal coloured butter and will bend, strip, buckle or fall apart if you attempt to use them more than once.  Then whilst browsing Screwfix’s impressive catalogue of tools for work I stumbled upon a set of good-looking but expensive (compared to other kits) Wera extra long bits and bit handle.  I bought these for work and fell in love with Wera tools because they work, they work well and the quality is second to none.

I wanted some for home, but my needs were different – I wanted bits and sockets and my eyes watered at the costs of some of the top Wera kits, great selection within the kits but out of my price range until I found the Tool-Check Plus for £50.

Tool-Check Plus, Extra driver and Xtreme Drill

Tool-Check Plus, Extra driver and Xtreme Drill

A perfect selection of bits, sockets and the attachments needed for my normal random building and dismantling of things – My favourite use is the Rapidaptor (quick release bit) extender in either my drill or in the additional Wera bit holder (screwdriver handle) I bought as the only downside on the Tool-Check Plus is very small bit handle supplied, great for delicate jobs but not enough torque for larger jobs like Ikea furniture.

These bits have been used and used and are still going strong, used for 3 house moves, shed building, gate building, furniture building, PC dismantling and PC building, attic flooring, smoke alarm installs, alarm install, garden furniture building and BBQ building just to name a small selection.

Wera Tool-Check Plus and Driver

Wera Tool-Check Plus and 816R Bit holder

Wera UK –

Wera Germany (Main Site) –

Tool-Check Plus –

Wear 816R Bit holder with Rapidator –

Screwfix –

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