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June 27, 2017

Used and abused Gadgets – a hard life!

by GFR2

We’ve all got them, those gadgets that we take for granted and never really thought about how long we’ve had them, how tough a life they have had or what we’d do if they ever broke!  Here is just a selection of my most used and abused gadgets.


Gerber Compact Sport MP 400

Gerber Sports Tool – At now 12 years of ownership this little tool as seem some abuse, this is the second one of these I have owned but the first broke because I used it somewhat incorrectly and snapped the blade, followed by the scissors and then killed the pliers!  The 2nd however has been used correctly and the only thing it’s needed was the odd blade sharpened here and there – which was done by ease because Gerber did a sharpening tool which has also worked flawlessly since purchase.  Best multitool I’ve ever owned or used.


Prem-i-Air Tower Fan

Prem-i-Air Tower fan – The tower of cooling for many years now (I think its 10+ years old), having 10 speeds and various modes (normal, breeze, storm) an ion mode (which although sounds like a giant cannon, shot at the Empire to allow the rebels to escape Hoth, it’s disappointingly not and is meant to de-ionise the air blown around).  Having a remote means you can control it from the other side of the room, which when you are hot and bothered makes things so much better.  The only problem, during to the oscillation mode it pulled two wires off their connectors in the base, but a quick strip (of the wires!) and some crimping and we’ve been back up and running for over 3 years now.


Zeon Tech Alarm Clock

Zeon Tech LED Alarm clock – This is old, I think around 17 years and apart from power cuts or moving house has been in use all that time.  Its basic, it tells the time and has an alarm, which considering it was being sold at the time where every gadget had to have multiple features (such as the toiler roll holder that had a radio, clock and alarm) it was a unique purchase and the LED was green, yes green, not red or the very popular blue later on.  It has a 9volt battery backup so it keeps the time if there is a power cut, problem is the battery doesn’t last that long and the only way you know it needs to be replaced is when you have a power cut and it loses time.  Speaking of which, this still only loses less than 1 minute a year in accuracy!



Yamaha TSS-15 Sound System

Yamaha TSS-15 Surround sound system – This was a replacement to my previous TSS-1 system which was very good but only had 1 optical input and used a manual volume control (aka me) so when the TSS-15 came on the market the TSS-1 went on eBay and was replaced by the 15.  Now technically its a PC surround sound system (5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS) with 2 optical inputs, 2 phono inputs, headphone out and various sound modes.  The speakers are tiny (about 6″ long) and the base speaker is only a 12″ Cube but it packs a punch, I’ve never had it cranked up further than 1/4 volume because it is that loud with zero distortion and amazing sound reproduction – the standard TV speaker (Samsung) sounds like a cheap low end mess in comparison.

Everyone has heard the phrase “they don’t make em like they used to” and that in the case of this short list is true, I’ve had other tower fans (for other rooms) bought and fail, cheap multitools collapse during use (sorry Rolson, but they were awful) and a clock/radio/alarm for a guest room go pop in the same time that these have kept going (and going and going).

Gerber Tools available from –

Prem-i-air Range of cooling available from –

Zeon Tech Range of products –

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