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June 23, 2017

Apple iOS Users Beware! – The maximum number of free accounts have been activated.

by GFR2

I like the Apple range of iOS based devices and having used alternatives I find myself always wanting the simplicity of the Apple device (but not always the cost!).

Anyway, we all have our love/hate relationship with these things and for for me in the most part I love them, but it appears that some clever people (or not so clever people) at Apple had a plan, a plan which isn’t really widely known (not even in Apple) and isn’t advertised clearly anywhere.

Apple in their wisdom have set a restriction on the number of accounts that can be created from a single iOS device – this restriction is 3, yep 3 accounts.

So once you’ve created those 3 accounts (you can still log in with any existing account) you are stuffed if you need to create a 4th!

Apple’s advice (from their technical department including senior engineers) is either create a new account on another iOS device (therefore moving the issue one device across!) or buy a new device (really Apple!!).

Picture this scenario

Person A buys the latest iPhone, creates a new account, 1 year later they want the latest iPhone so off to eBay it goes.

Person B buys said 1 year old iPhone and creates an account, so far so good.  They also then decide to buy a new device, back to eBay.

Person C buys iPhone, creates account – great, 3 happy people.  They are a fool and drop the iPhone cracking the screen, but rather than repair they sell on eBay.

Person D buys broken iPhone to repair and sell on…..Person D or E will not be able to create an account so lets hope they already have an account!

So for the new buyer not so much a problem, but when the devices start changing hands its going to be a problem and from all accounts this was introduced in iOS 5 and considering we are on iOS 10 now I can see this becoming more of an issue.

How did this come about for me? Simple, re-provisioning iPads for other users and we hit the 3 account limit on a device that was 2 years old but stil perfect for what it’s intended use was meant to be.

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