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June 22, 2017

5 Failed gadgets I’ve owned over the years…..

by GFR2

Xbox 360 HD-DVD

Yes I was one of those people who had high hopes for HD-DVD, I was too young to fight in the Betamax vs VHS wars but here I was ready, willing and able to take on the Bluray army with the might of the HD-DVD!  Not only did I have this, but I also bought (and still own I may add) a brilliant but albeit very slow to initially power on HD-DVD player and 28 HD-DVDs.  Now people think HD-DVD and oddly assume its an old technology from years ago but forget that its actually quite recent and some of my collection includes quality films such as ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘Serenity’.

Sadly Microsoft and Toshiba withdrew support for their troops and the war was lost to Bluray, long live the Bluray overlords!

Solar powered car fan

This was something I bought when I owned a Honda Prelude (such a stunning car, in deep crimson red which I must have cleaned and polished at least 100 times).  The concept was simple, the solar powered fan sat at the top of your window and using the immence power of the sun the solar cell powered a suction fan into life – the hot air would be drawn out and replaced by cooler air from outside, leaving you with a nice cool car interior.

It made a noise and it got hot…….just like the rest of the car interior.

Water cooled room fan
The fan had a removeable rear filter that you soaked in water, air was then sucked through this wet filter and came out of the front of the fan as ice cold air as good as an air con unit.  What actually happened was a wet filter, a puddle and no level of cooling.  Sticking said filter into the freezer whilst it was damp did actually improve things, but the filter was made of that famously water proof material – paper.

Mobile phone call alerter
This was a small 50p sized keyring device that buzzed and flashed if your mobile phone was ringing and you couldn’t here or see it – sold in those little motorway services phone shops a long time ago.  It worked, but only if it was within 10 cms of the phone….

Nokia N800 (Not a failure of the device, but by Nokia)

This was so far ahead of its time, what you see here is a wifi enabled pda.  Essentially a touch screen mobile phone without the phone part.  It worked very well at first with loads of app support, forums were popping up and lots of time and effort went into it.  Then Nokia decided not to continue with this sort of device (after all who would use a wifi based hand held internet device) and instead developed its next release into a mobile phone……missed a trick there Nokia!

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