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June 6, 2017

Tabiger Branded USB 3.0 External DVD Drive

by GFR2

Computers and laptops have gotten smaller and smaller and to become this small they must sacrifice something, first the trusted floppy disc drive went and then the CD/DVD drive was removed – I too replaced my PC with something so small that a standard DVD drive was twice the size!

Anyway, having spent the better part of the last 18 months happy in the purchase of my super small DVD driveless PC it was suddenly brought to my attention that I did in fact need a DVD burner – It’s a little hard to supply a CD for your own wedding (Intro music, signing the register music etc) when you don’t have the ability to burn your chosen selection of music.

The answer? An external USB DVD Burner and that is exactly what we have here. A USB 3 external DVD burner in black.

Essentially this is a laptop DVD burner mounted in a USB 3 caddy, it’s only ever so slightly bigger than a DVD disc and is just over 1cm deep. It’s light, portable and the USB cable neatly tucks underneath.
Out of the box and connected to the USB 3 port on my super small PC and within seconds Windows 10 had seen it, installed it and was ready to go. In went a CD, opened iTunes and burnt my wedding music to a CD in less than 2 minutes – the longest time was iTunes doings it’s prep work, burning took only a few seconds.

The only issue was the cable that neatly tucked away, yes it’s neat, but you need nails to flick it out and when it’s out it causes one side of the drive to sit a little high. I was expecting this to cause a wobble and vibration but nothing was there, this could be down to the USB cable being new but looking at it I would say its because there is a little spring tension when the cable is folded out. But it’s nothing major, nothing to worry about and doesn’t prevent it from doing the job it was meant for.

All in all, it’s done the job for me and will suit my occasional use CD/DVD burning (But hopefully only once for wedding music!).

There is a flaw in this device and thats power consumption, last night I wanted to burn a DVD feom my Surface 3, connected via its only USB and the drive would spin up then down – Windows wouldn’t pick it up as a device so it couldn’t be used, I saw the same reaction when I connected it to the USB hub on my PC, bur direct to the PC and it worked a treat. So unpowered USB hubs and Surface 3 don’t give our enough power for this to work correctly.

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