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April 7, 2017

Smart Track 1 – Fitness and sleep tracker

by GFR2

Our whole family has a fitness tracker except for my Mum who had never expressed an interest in one, but a recent lifestyle change meant she wanted to see how active or inactive she was but she had no idea where to start and didn’t fancy spending the better part of £100 (or more) on a tracker that she may not use or get the full benefit for.

This tracker fits into the budget range but it doesn’t mean its any less of a tracker, after a couple of weeks of testing this shows consistant step counts for known distances, its battery life is great (at 10 days it was down to 50%, needed charging after 18 days of use), its pretty well made and the strap seems comfortable, but there are a couple of minor issues.

The charge port can be fiddly to connect, not so much an issue for me but for someone using who isn’t paying attention its easy to think its located and connected but its actually not, but that could also be down to learning.

The tracker display is great indoors but outside in the sun and you can hardly read it, to the point that my Mum actually thought the battery was flat, but no its just not that bright outside.
It can’t be paired with an iPad, only an iPhone/iPod Touch or Android phone that support LE Bluetooth (even though tht ipad does the app can’t be installed), my Mum owns an indestructable Nokia phone, it makes calls and will outlive mankind but it can’t be used with her tracker.  To get around this I installed the app on my iPod touch.

The app looks like pretty much most other fitness tracker apps (almost an identical clone to a branded version…..), its easy to use and setup and then sync to the tracker (unlike the pain that can be Fitbit at times!) but it does keep your stats within the app (albeit in a not too obvious place, hold down the current steps to see the historical readings) but if you have it on an iOS device you can link it to Healthkit which will keep your stats for you in an easier to use area.

Any changes have to be made through the app and synced, such as when the clocks changed, this is more helpful if the person using it actually tells you the time is wrong rather than you finding out by adjusting the step goal for her!

Overall its one of the better budget trackers out there (Including those sold at Lidl/Aldi) and the annoying minor issues can be ignored for the price (assuming you have a suitable device to connect it to).


Don’t let it go completely flat, it’ll reset the whole thing until you sync it (takes seconds) and then its back to tracking you!

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