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March 11, 2017

Aorin branded CREE XM-L2 High Powered LED Torch

by GFR2

You can never have too many torches and this makes an excellent torch to my add to my collection, I’ve got torches in the car, in the bedroom, in the garage, for walking the dog and a couple just lying around!

All the torches share the same thing, all are LED based but using differing LEDs – this one is by far the most powerful and also the brightest in my collection. This is down to the CREE LED within it, I have a couple of other CREE based torches and they are bright but this one is visibly brighter (Yes I sat in a dark room making patterns in the wall with my torches!).
The all metal body gives it a decent feel and the zoom operation is so smooth you can use that with one hand (I have another where you need both hands to zoom) but it doesn’t feel loose, just right.
The battery cover is easy enough to twist on and off and the function button again is nice and smooth – this unit doesn’t retain the settings (which I like) so when you cycle through to say the strobe light then power off and back on, its back to full power mode.
Comes with 2 rechargable batteries, and the charger – both had some charge but did take about 2 hours to full charge, you will need the plastic tube to use these batteries as the torch is designed to use 2 different types of batteries, the supplied rechargable or the supplied adaptor with AAA batteries.
And then there is a nice pouch to keep it stored in, which is handy because I can use that when walking the dog rather than hvaing the torch rattle around in my pocket or on my wrist when not in use.
And a slight warning, do not do what a work collegaue did and look directly at the LED, its very bright and you will see spots for some time afterwards!

Buy it here!

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