Aksor branded XPG-2 R5 Cree LED Torch

Winter is generally my favourite time of the year (its cold and it could snow!) but its also dark quite early which is OK (unless like me you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark) but it does mean that you need a decent torch to see what you are doing, especially when walking the dog or having to fix something in the car.

This aluminium torch from Aksor is a very good supplier of light, decent weight and feels comfortable in your hand or dangling off your wrist.  The lens housing is adjustable so gives you a fine pinpoint spotlight or a wider ranging fill.  Its very bright in both cases and provides a lot more light than conventional bulb based torches, my older LED torch and makes my mini maglite look like a toy!

It comes with an adaptor so you can use 3xAAA batteries, but personally I use a 14650 rechargable battery for ease but also to give extended use compared to the AAA option.

Unlike other torches, the button on the top always turns it back on full power, a half press flicks to lower brightness and another half press flicks to strobe mode.  A full press turns it off/on.

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