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November 17, 2016


CSL WaveBeat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by GFR2

Us IT types are slightly odd creatures who for the most part love gadgets, so when I recieved this to test it wasn’t a suprise that it was passed around the office in a matter of minutes followed by the nod of acceptance.  Yep even before charging it people were commenting on how it looked, the weight it had and how well built it seemed to be.

In the box.

  • The Speaker (obviously)
  • Instruction manual
  • USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable

First Impressions.

It went down very well, decent weight, nice to hold and felt nicely finished (unlike a slightly smaller plastic version I own) – less than 2 minutes people were on Amazon looking up the specs and the price.

The body is aluminium, metal speaker mesh on the top which also houses the NFC chip, rubber cap on the port, rubber power button with LED and an anti-slip base with control buttons.

Setup & Use.

After being passed around I knew it had to get a charge so we could start to play with it, the instruction manual says it needs a full charge before use and sure enough there was no charge in the unit.  Being very impatient it went on charge for only 30 minutes (yes we acted a little like big kids with a new toy!).

Several hours later (well actually 30 minutes, but it seemed ages) we had some power in the unit and powered it on, the LED on the front panel lit up and a reassuring bleep was heard, bluetooth pairing was next, this was lightning quick – it actually took longer to go to settings in my iPhone than it took to pair the unit.

And then Music was launched…….

Somehow this little unit blasts out audio with a decent level of bass, a few choice songs were tested including Sound of Silence by Disturbed, various Aerosmith tracks and some bass heavy offerings from The Black Eyed Peas – we all sat there impressed at the clarity of what was playing and also impressed at the power of this little unit.  Next an Android fan wanted to show how easy it is to use the NFC on his phone, within seconds his intesresting choice of gangsta rap was playing!  Again clear and heavy with bass (even if the words sounded like nonsense).

Then came the fun part, trying to find any dodgy or embarassing tracks in his playlist by using the track buttons under the speaker – nothing dodgy came on but skipping/forwarding was quick and hassle free (I’ve used units that the button press isn’t always recognised or in some cases duplicated).

The unit was the fully charged that evening and over the next few days it was used for an hour or so each day and tested with streaming via bluetooth from my iphone including Youtube, Amazon music and Sygic Sat Nav (just to test the audio rather than navigate around my house).  Then the ultimate test, its waterproof and sound capability in the shower – it passed both with flying colours, in fact it was a little louder in the shower than I expected but this was down to the shower cubicle.


So far this has been a good unit, its about 1/4 of the size of the Sharkk unit I reviewed earlier this unit and although its not quite as loud and not quite as powerful it does make its presence felt.  I have a smaller ‘travel’ unit which is half the size but nowhere near the quality in both build or audio capability.  I would love to test it in the garden, but summer had its time and I’m not sitting outside in this weather!  The battery is still on its first charge and its had about 6 hours(ish) of use so far.

And then there is the price, everyone who has seen this unit and then looked at its details on Amazon can’t believe its only £14.99 and expected it to be at least twice that price!

This item is available to buy from Amazon here

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