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November 2, 2016


Ennotek branded M3H7-3P 7 Port powered USB 3.0 hub and charging dock

by GFR2

My main PC is an Intel NUC which is a great fully functional PC for my needs but has a slight issue.  Its tiny and as such only has 3 usb ports of which 1 is USB 3.0

I had a USB hub on this (USB 2.0) which did an OK job, but wasn’t powered so when you tried to fully populate it, yep, it dropped devices and gave odd results.  Having just a couple of lowe power devices worked, but add a USB DVD burner and attempt to use that and yep, once again it would fail.

Ennotek asked me to test and review their Aluminium based, powered USB 3.0 hub – I was happy to oblige and I’m glad I did.

In the box.

The main box contained the following

  • Aluminium USB Hub
  • USB 3.0 Connection cable
  • External mains power
  • Instruction manual

First Impressions

Being aluminium you’d expect a decent build quality and thats exactly what you get here, a well made, sleek looking hub with more than enough ports for my needs.  Not only are there 7 data ports, but also 3 charging ports all rated at 5v and 2.1Amps.

It also matches the design of my Intel NUC as that is also a nice brushed aluminium case.


Well its a hub, plug in the mains, plug in the connection cable and then plug into a free USB port – this also works on USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports so if you don’t have a USB 3.0 port then all is not lost.


After experiencing all the various odd issues with an unpowered hub I knew exactly what to test!

  • Multiple USB sticks – no issue
  • DVD Burner – no issue
  • DVD Burner and fully populated USB sockets (keys, hdd, wireless receiver) – no issue
  • Above and with 3 devices plugged in for charging – no issue

This hub has passed every test I’ve thrown at it, provides the expected USB 3.0 speeds (via SSD connected to USB 3.0 SATA converter copying large files).


Does exactly what it says on the tin, plus is well made and looks good – what else could you want from a USB hub?  No more constant unplugging of devices and rearranging things depending on what I want to do.

This item is available to buy, click here

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