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October 20, 2016

Johnsons Bridal by Johnson Cleaners – Wedding dress drycleaners

by GFR2

Most people have heard of Johnson cleaners, national dry cleaners who have shops in lots of locations.  They also offer dry cleaning services for other things such as wedding dresses.

After we got married my wife wanted to do something nice with her dress to store it, there are plenty of hangers, bags etc but she also wanted it to be cleaned.  After a long search we found a few companies that offered cleaning and boxing services, most of these appeared to be individual companies with little to no reviews so the idea of sending her wedding dress to one of these wasn’t that appealing.

We then found that Johnson Cleaners offered this service, a quick quote of their site amd the prices were competitive with the other companies but with a major bonus – a national recognised chain, so this gave us some confidence.

The order was placed and instructions sent for collection, the dress was placed in a suit carrier ready for collection.  At the time of ordering it was shown that we’d be given an hour time slot for collection which we would receive on the morning of the collection via email and text.

The collection day came and no email of text, so we waited and around lunchtime my wife called to ask, they took her details and said they’d chase it up and call back, a few hours later no call so she called again, no update but will have a call back.  Later still she gets a call saying that the driver will be collecting later that day – at this stage we’d wasted a day waiting.

The driver eventually arrived with a box which he thought was a delivery, he had no idea what he was meant to do until we, the customer, explained it to him.

3 weeks later……

My wife receives an email advising her dress was ready to be dispatched and to select a delivery date, so she does this and is told once again that she will recieve an email and text to let her know what time the delivery will be.

Delivery day… text, no email so a phone call to Johnson Bridal at lunchtime with the usual response, they will look into it.  Luckily we had the tracking number and this showed the dress was in a van and expected delivery was that day.  After a couple of phone calls and excuses about the courier’s website being slow/down/not working we were told that it would be delivered by 10pm that night!  This didn’t seem right especially as the courier closed at 7pm, so at 7:30pm we checked the delivery status and… had changed from the Friday to the following Tuesday (Monday was August bank holiday).  At this point my wife was in tears, she had wasted another day sitting around, had been lied to and her dress was going to be sat in the back of a van/depot for 3 days.

To avoid any more delays I looked at the options available and even checked if I could drive the 30 miles to the depot and collect it the next morning, but this wasn’t an option – instead I paid the courier an additional £6 to have a specific delivery time slot so my wife wouldn’t waste a 3rd day.

The dress arrived on the Tuesday at the time I paid for…….the box had a big label saying ‘this way up’, the box inside containing the dress was a different orientation to the ‘This way up’ label so the neatly packed dress was a crumpled heap at the bottom of the box.

Not happy with his, we compained to Johnson Bridal via their website, 4 days later we had a reply saying that the complaint had been passed onto the bridal department and then nothing, after waiting 14 days from this initial email, we contacted them and complained about the lack of response.

We then received an email, not much of an apology to be honest, an offer to refund the delievery aspect of the service (£10 extra we paid for premium collection/delivery), and an offer to collect the dress and rebox it (with a disclaimer that they can’t control the courier)…….well after this whole episode and that stupid comment you can imagine that my wife didn’t want that as we have no confidence in Johnson Bridal and their couriers.

Such a poor service from a national company coupled with customer service that has a ‘that’ll do attitude’ – not what you want to spend near enough £200 on and not something you want to happen to your once in a lifetime wedding dress.

To top it all, they didn’t bother refunding the £10 they offered.

A service and company to be avoided.


Since writing this review Johnson Dry Cleaners has been bought by Timpsons, so hopefully this sort of incident won’t be something acceptable to its new owners and hopefully they’ll make sure no other newly married brides have this happen

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