Michelin CrossClimate – 205/55/16 on Dacia Stepway

I’ve covered a few hundred miles on these and have found the following so far

  • Not a harsh ride like the Westlakes
  • No tramlining like the Westlakes
  • Very good handling in both the wet and dry unlike the Goodyears
  • Fuel economy is so far the same

The next few months (autumn/winter) will be a good test, especially at lower temperatures and if I’m lucky, plenty of snow!

Cost wise, well they aren’t cheap – £71 per tyre fitted, which is nearly double the price of the Westlakes when I had these fitted the other week.

Update 07/02/2017

Well these have covered a few thousand miles now and what can I say?

Very grippy in all weather conditions, worked very well in the snow and ice (only let down by the standard rears which have zero grip in the snow!)  but fuel economy is not as good, even taking in account the use of winter diesel.  For me its a drop of about 3 mpg per tank.

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