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September 2, 2016

Boblov M6 Plus Dash Camera

by GFR2

Yep, its another dash cam review – I seem to have a few of these!

This offering is slightly different, it lacks a screen but instead is setup via an App in the Apple Store and GooglePlay (more on that later).

First Impressions and box contents.

Well it starts with a well presented box with a slide out inner containing a selection of equally well presented smaller boxes containing the following –

  • M6 Plus Camera
  • Powered mount
  • Windscreen mount (with 3M pad attached)
  • USB connection cable with velcro tie
  • Remote control (and sticky pad)
  • 12volt accessory plug with 2.1A and 1A USB ports
  • Sticky cable holders
  • Plastic pry tools
  • Instruction manual

The camera itself appears to be well made and has some weight (not too much though), the rear has a small flap which houses the SD card slot, the underside has 3 status lights and the top contains a magnetic connection port for the powered mount.  Its a metallic purple in colour which is also matched on the mount.

A decent length USB cable is supplied which should help for the awkward position 12volt accessory plug (or for me, my USB sockets installed in place of a 12volt plug).

A small circular remote is also well made and has a nice click when pressed.

As with some other cameras this has sticky cable clips but its the first I’ve seen with pry tools which will be very handy for installing the USB into the A pillar and roof lining.

Finally, the 12volt accessory plug is again well made and has a decent feel to it, I’ve had some shockers in my time and this feels better than branded versions from the likes of Griffin and Belkin.

Setup and Use.

This is split into 2 parts, the hardware and the software.


Simple to install, stick the mount to your windscreen (the black dots are a great place, but make sure you have space for the camera to hang down and it doesn’t block any sensors that may be built into that area), run the cable along the headlining and down the A pillar then connect to your 12volt accessory plug.

The camera contains magnets which hold it onto the mount, it only fits one way so no misconnections.  Its a very strong grip and doesn’t appear to have any vibration.

Power on and it makes the strangest noise ever which sounded like someone saying hello and some musical notes.  The status lights then kick into life showing power, recording and WiFi connection (when connected) – as with other cameras its auto record and power off.


The instructions for this were a bit vague, especially for the iOS version – go to the Apple store and search for ddpai, you are then presented with some apps of which the first 2 look almost the same and both have screen shots showing the M6 plus.  The one you need is called Youmera.

The software is OK to use, its and interface to the camera but also a social media sharing platform but only to itself.  You can connect to a live camera feed, download footage, monitor your speed and make some settings to the camera (such as disabling the odd startup sound).  For me the issue is the software is a bit slow and tries to roll 2 things together, there should ideally be a full camera setup app and then the option to make footage available to the social app (especially as its an unheard of app in the UK).


The software reports in km/h and I can’t see an option to change that, its a bit slow to connect to the camera but is stable when connected however then complains you have no internet access – bluetooth would be a better connection type here.  That said, I noticed a very useful feature in the app although I’ve yet to test this out on the recorded footage direct the from PC, it autosensed the position of the camera and flipped the footage orientation, useful if you want to mount it on a dashboard, otherwise you would need to do this using a video editing tool when reviewing the footage on a PC.

The unit also requires 2 amps to work, which is higher than other cameras and would probably explain why this unit seems to run hotter than others I’ve reviewed – this may have an impact on its lifespan but only a full long term test will determine that.


1080p footage as to be expected (this can be changed via the software to other sizes) which gives the normal quality of images and no skipping (this will be down to the class 10 Samsung card I’m using as well as the unit).  Audio is OK, but picks up road noise like most other cameras.

Night footage – I have some early morning footage which appears to be pretty much standard early morning amount of light, but still waiting some actual night footage.

Footage is located on my YouTube Channel


I like a lot of the features this offers such as a powered mount, the way its presented and its build quality but the software for me needs some work to bring it up to the standard of the unit itself, this isn’t too much of an issue for if you use it just for the inital setup and just straight foward file copies for grabbing the data afterwards.

I would like the option to show the speed in mph.

This camera sits at the higher end of the budget cameras and in terms of build quality, its much better than offerings from Nextbase which cost twice as much, footage is as good and the extra little things also help (cable tidy, pry tools, remote).

This item is available to buy here

Update – 29/06/2016

I had this unplugged for a couple of days and it lost its date/time settings (but oddly kept all other settings!), this could be a one off or it could be its RTC has limited battery life.

For footage captured on the Boblov M6, please click on the icon below to open my YouTube channel.


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