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August 31, 2016


Dacia Sandero Stepway 2 Years and 38K Miles Review

by GFR2

So here we are, 2 years after picking up my Stepway and some 38,000 miles later.

So whats changed over the past year?  Not a huge amount to be honest, its still a cheap to run car and the last 18K miles (and 12 months) has seen the following costs –

  • 2 services (24K and 36K) both at £120 each from Dacia, Cardiff.
  • Insurance, which jumped by 50% for no reason.
  • Tax

Still averaging 55mpg from a tank, still drives well and acts like it did 1 year ago.

But, the MediaNav has been binned, it annoyed me with its daily reconnection to the phone via bluetooth, its crappy playback via bluetooth, its awful single speaker phone call quality and the SatNav system with maps from the dark age that still require you to empty your bank every other month to update the maps very slightly. (I gave up on that)

Its developed an annoying vibration in the drivers side when the revs sit between 1500 and 2500 rpm – moving or not.  I’m trying to trace this.

The boot no longer unlocks from the outside (booked in late September for their earliest!! booking) – the arm that goes from the external lock is made of metal, it snapped the plastic clip it connects to, luckily it still opens from the lever inside.

I also know that I have the following upcoming costs shortly, the front pads and discs need replacing (85% worn at the 36K service) and the front tyres have maybe a couple of 1000 miles until they need replacing (Michelin Cross Climates will be the tyre of choice).

I’ve not really changed much other than add front and rear dash cameras, changed the headunit and added an OBD monitor to view some other gauges (I was using the TurboGauge but have replaced this with the better Autool X50).  I do have a different set of driving lights to add to the front for that light up the universe night time driving.

Still glad I bought it although at times I do wish it was bigger, but its a work horse so still does what I need well.

Will I buy another? Only if there is a good offer and some more toys on it.

Update – 28/09/2016

Its been an expensive couple of weeks in Dacia ownership!

2 new tyres (Michelin Cross Climates) @ £142 (for the pair, fitted).

New front discs and pads @ £199 (fitted from Renault/Dacia Cardiff)

But the boot lock has been fixed under warranty which is good.

The annoying vibration is still there, I’ve secured every cable and foamed padded everything that can move in the drivers side of the dashboard yet its still there – the only thing I have noticed is the noise is related to the outside air temp, colder morning and the noise is little to nothing – engine temperature makes no difference.

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