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August 25, 2016


POAO branded 10 Way USB Mains Charger

by GFR2

We all have lots of devices that need charging, tablets, phones, cameras, action cameras, powerbanks for all the devices and even battery chargers that use USB.

If like me you take lots of these with you then you’ll also be taking an assortment of mains adapters, cables and even a mains extension gang, which is where this comes in.  No it doesn’t remove the need for the cables but it does allow a simple, single charging unit which saves space and means you only need 1 mains socket.

This offering provides 10 smart USB charging ports, the claimed output is somewhat confusing – its says 5 volts, which is fine but it also says 8.2A, but it doesn’t state if that is per port or in total and unfortunately even though I have a lot of devices I can’t exceed 8 amp of current draw if I plug them in in the most power hungry way.

In the box.

  • Cylindrical Charger with fold away charging ports
  • Mains lead
  • Thats it……

First Impressions.

Not bad, feels pretty solid and the fold away charging ports are pretty neat which means it’ll travel well but…..they do feel like they will snap if you push them too hard, so providing you aren’t heavy handed you’ll be fine.


It lights up! Well the logo in the cap does, which helps show its on.  Plug in, flip open the charge ports and plug in your devices – simples!

Apart from the overload test, I’ve only charged 3 devices at a time (iPad, iPhone and camera) and so far its handled these with ease.  I normally charge my devices overnight as at this point I’m asleep and don’t need to use them.  It also means that I get back a couple of mains sockets back that only ever seem to hold Apple chargers.

For me the real test will be when I go on holiday and take all the devices with me, at that point I will update this review.


A very simple, effective and pretty well made charger that means you can cut down on the number of chargers you have lying around your house.

If you wish to purchase one of these, please click here


Off to Germany we went along with this charger (and all my other chargers just in case) and what did I find?  Worked perfectly without any issue, 2 ipads, 2 iphones, 1 iwatch and an acrion camera and they all charged perfectly.

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