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August 10, 2016

Kvago iPad Air 2 Leather Case with stylus and screen protector

by GFR2

There was a time where Apple accessories would far out weigh any after market item, but over the last few years this has been reversed with a lot of unknown third parties coming up with products that equal or better the Apple equivalent and this case is one of those items.

In the box is a brown and black leather case, a screen protector, screen cleaner and stylus.

The screen protector is pretty much your standard quality protector, looks great in the packet and then several attempts later you swear, rip it off and throw it away – now I’ve been adding screen protectors for years and occasionally I find a troublesome one and until the last 1/4 of this screen protector it was perfect, no bubbles or creases but then it happened – a random speck of dust decided to make its new home on the screen just as it went down, sadly this was the beginning of the end for this protector, once one bit appeared it was soon joined by all its little dust friends.

Screen cleaner – this was a let down, didn’t really clean but just smeared finger prints around – I’ve found the best thing is a decent microfibre cloth, gets rid of every finger print.
Stylus – standard stylus, great for those who struggle to type or want to draw picture/notes.
The Case – Nice mix of tan and black leather, with that unmistakeble real leather smell. The rear has a cut out for the camera and 2 kick stands (portrait and landscape), the ipad slots into a pouch (as opposed to a clip in plastic surround) with cut outs for the camera, light sensor and home button, along with side/bottom access for charging, volume, headphones and speakers.
The front section has a soft finishing on the inside to protect the screen, a hand strap so you can fold it over and walk around doing iPad things whilst securely holding the ipad – for me this is generally walking from one place to another whilst browsing the internet. Finally it is attached by velcro to the rear section, this is something I’ve not seen before and did wonder how useful that feature would be, until I removed it and placed it to one side – every case I’ve had for various ipads up until now have had one annoying thing, when you flip to landscape the front cover flaps around and pinches your finger, this simple but effective idea removes that annoyance!

All in all I’m impressed with this case, yes its not as slimline as my previous case but for added protection, quality of materials and the removable cover its a much better case and having managed to drop my ipad within minutes of installing it this case (without a scratch on the case or damage to the ipad) I’m glad I changed it – I fear my other case may not have given any protection!

This item is available to purchase here

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