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August 1, 2016


CS720W branded 1080P Action Camera and optional accessory kit – GoPro clone

by GFR2

Camera, action! Or more accurately, Action Camera!  I’ve been looking at various action cameras for some time and wondering if it was worth buying one and if I’d get the use out of it,  yes I’ve used 2 versions of Go Pros at work for various things but these are also expensive.

In come the clones, and there are a lot of clones, some very good and some very bad (in fact a friend of mine purchased a camera advertised as 1080p, the closest it came was 1024×768! But you live and learn).

This offering from CCBetter is one of the very good cameras.  It does look like a Go Pro clone, but at only a fraction of the price of a Go Pro.

Whats in the box? – Camera

  • 1080p Action camera in waterproof case
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cleaning cloth
  • USB Charger and USB cable (for charging and PC connection)
  • Velcro Straps
  • Selection of mounts
  • 3M sticky pads
  • Retaining cable
  • Cable ties

Whats in the box? – Accessory Kit

More to the point, whats not in the kit?  This list below is a selection

  • Case
  • Head mount
  • Chest mount
  • Wrist mount
  • Windscreen mount
  • Bouncy aid
  • Bendable tripod
  • Clip mount
  • Extendable selfie stick
  • Velcro straps
  • Various helmet mounts
  • 3M sticky pads
  • Spare thumb bars (various lengths)
  • Thumb bar tool

Initial Impressions

Very good until I managed to snap the retaining clip on the waterproof housing when taking it out to charge the battery and insert the memory card (uses a micro SD card), not sure if this was my fault on opening or a fault in the case, but everything else hasn’t been an issue so I suspect its just one of those things.  Luckily I had the accesory pack to match this camera.

The selection of mounts is good, but there were a couple of doubles in mine (just not a double of the waterproof housing!) and you can pretty much mount it to everything……providing you don’t damage the waterproof housing – this is a critical point, I did install the camera into the other plastic housing but this required a screw mount to attach to other mounts using the traditional pronged attachments so meant there was another part to adjust.

Setup and Use

After fully charging the battery and inserting a 32GB micro SD card I was ready to start playing, so I powered it on and heard a very familiar startup sound – it was exactly the same as the Rexing V1 Dash camera I have reviewed previously, upon entering the menu system I found it was pretty much identical to the Rexing with only a few changes (such as no number plate setting or GPS feature!).  The menu system and setup is very intuitive, in fact I didn’t read the manual until after I’d already set it up, but the manual does explain the setup and the seperate features.

First thing was to make some basic recordings to check video and audio quality, popped the micro SD card into my Surface and copied the video across.  I’m happy to say this is 1080p footage and decent audio quality, in fact it matches that of my Rexing V1 so I’m guessing the internals of this are sourced from the same manufacturer.

The screen on the rear of the unit is a good size which not only aids easy setup but also provides a useful viewing screen for seeing what you are recording/capturing and also for reviewing footage (although this works better on a PC).

I wanted to give this a thorough test and was thinking of the best way, then it hit me, out came the plastic housing and the extendable selfie stick and I found a brilliant use – my wedding!  Not during the ceremony of course, but it got a lot of use afterwards, and survived the accidental drops that it experienced during the day.

Various footage was taken, including a very bumpy car ride in the wedding car but you couldn’t see this on the footage.  A birdseye view of the wedding breakfast enabling all our guests to wave, there were some very strange looks as the camera was lifted above everyones head during the starter!  A full walk around the grounds of our venue, and a lot of footage of various guests showing us how their moves and singing skills!

All the footage was excellent, full HD with great audio quality.  Every piece looked like it did at the time, and this was especially impressive with the evening footage in the disco – yes HDR was enabled in the menu options, but it didn’t have any issues with the flashing lights and strobes from the disco and again all footage with all its detail was perfect.

This unit has a Wifi interface to allow remote recordings, but I wasn’t able to test the software (its available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store).

Verdict – Camera

Impressive little unit that appears to share a lot of hardware with other cameras, in this case the Rexing V1 dash camera, but this isn’t a failing – its actually a good thing due to the high quality of the Rexing unit and the same quality being evident in this action camera.

It is as functional as a top end Go Pro and has similiar build quality, also survives drops as well as a Go Pro.  Hopefully the issues I had with the waterproof housing were just a one off as none of the other attachments have broken.

Verdict – Accessory kit

Pretty much every mount known to man is included in this except a waterproof housing and a metal case housing (but these are readily available on Amazon), without this kit I would have been a little stuck due to the issue with the waterproof housing.  The only negative point is the case, once you’ve unbagged everything its almost impossible to place it all back into the case!  Add in the parts supplied with the camera and you have more parts than space available, but you will have spare parts to use for every option out there.

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