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July 18, 2016

Z-Edge (Zero Edge Technology) Z3 Dash Camera Review

by GFR2

As you may have noticed I’ve reviewed a few dash cameras, so I wasn’t surprised to receive an email from Zero Edge Technology asking me to test their offering and here it is.

In the box

This is the whole kit you need and I mean it contains everything you need, the only thing it doesn’t have is a hardwire kit and a kitchen sink!

  • Dash Camera
  • Suction Mount
  • 32GB MicroSD Card
  • 3 metre USB to USB Micro cable
  • 15cm USB to USB Micro cable
  • 12 volt cigarette lighter USB power supply with 2 USB ports
  • Sticky surface mount cable clips
  • Instruction Manual

Initial Impressions

To be honest when I first opened it, the thing that jumped out was how much it looks like a normal digital camera so straight off its not a discreet unit, especially with the huge viewing screen on the rear – this is both good and bad, good in terms its visible to not only you but to other drivers and also a decent screen size to play back incidents, but bad as it stands out so isn’t something you’d want to have on display.

The build quality is very good and matches the likes of the mid range (and more expensive) Nextbase units, the buttons have a decisive click and don’t wobble very much at all.  The lens is mounted in a nice brushed aluminium housing.

The top of the unit holds the screw thread for the mount, micro usb port for charging and computer connection and an auxillary port for GPS.  The are 3 buttons on each side which have a variety of functions, but essentially power, menu, back, OK, up and down.  The bottom holds a rubber flap which covers the microSD card slot.


It has a suction mount which is handy for quick and easy installs, just make sure you screen is clean and you apply a little mositure to the rubber so that it seals, plus give it a little pressure as you lock it into place.

One of the slight failings for me is the mount, but only because it is makes the unit hand down a little too much, which may or may not be a problem depending on how large your windscreen is and the angle – for me in the Dacia it meant mounting options did become slightly limited so ended up being either to the left of the rear view mirror or tucked up as far in the corner to the right of the mirror so it did’t obstruct my vision.  For testing purposes it was mounted there.

The 3 metre cable was more than enough to reach to run from the right hand A pillar, along the head lining, down the other A pillar, through the bulkhead, under the dash, a big coil and then to the cigarette lighter socket by the gear lever.

Plug it in, insert the MicroSD card and then turn on your ignition, the unit starts to record straight away with no setup.  To change any settings you will need to stop recording to enter the menu options.  Unlike other units the audio option isn’t in the menu, its a button on the right when the unit is recording, it also remembers your last audio setting (eg on or off).


Audio is OK, for me it did pick up road noise but was very clear at picking up any audio from inside the car including my stereo and Sat Nav.  The road noise was acceptable but still noticable on playback.  I don’t normally record audio at all as its just the footage I’m interested in.

Video footage is excellent, true 1080p with hdr at 30 fps – a selection of the footage is shown on my YouTube channel Here, you can compare footage from the Rexing, Snooper and this – the Rexing and this were both filmed at the same time so you can see on the same journeys in different weather how clear the footage is.

Night footage – I finally had a chance to test this and have found that the footage is very good, slightly better than the Rexing V1 but again very clear under street lights and clear under just headlights – footage has been added to my YouTube channel.

This is a very good offering in the mid range dash camera, the picture quality is excellent but what helps this is that it comes with everything you need – no need to buy a MicroSD card or swap your wiring if you need to have/charge another USB device such as your phone.

For me I would change a couple of things which would really upset the mid range market –

  • Use a mini USB socket instead of micro USB – this means you could use a standard hardwire kit as these are generally mini USB.  It would also add more strength to the port, I’m not a big fan of micro USB, yes the size is great but it is prone to damage from forced insertion.  Or, jump ahead of the market and use USB C.
  • Tweak the mount slightly, its too large and takes up more space than the camera itself, or offer a small limited adjust permanent mount thta sticks on the windscreen.
  • Add a quick release for the camera, its good that its visible to others but you might not want to leave it on display when you park up and leave the car.

Only a couple of minor things really, but this would make a very good product and excellent product – but aside from this I would still recommend this dash camera, just on the basis of the quality of the recording and the quality and number of accessories supplied as standard in the box.

This product is available to purchase here

For footage captured on the Z-Edge Z3, please click on the icon below to open my YouTube channel.


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