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July 13, 2016


Vivis 20,000mAh portable high capacity Power Bank

by GFR2

Everyone has portable devices now and those devices need electricity to work, no matter how prepared you are and how charged your device is there will always be a time when you hammer the use on that device and its power consumption goes sky high and the battery life plummets.

Power banks have been around for a while, in fact you can pretty much pick up a 2000mAh pack in your local supermarket by the tills but thats a quick get out jail card as many devices have a battery capacity in excess of this, plus taking into account the loss through conversion and heat that 2000mAh battery could be 30% less efficient than advertised so all of a sudden you are looking at 1200mAh of usable electricity.

There is a way around this issue, make the powerbank more powerful, in this case 20,000mAh – assuming the same loss this still equates to 12,000mAh of usable electricity, or about 3 and a bit full charges of an iPad and closer to 5 for an iPhone (assuming they are flat).

First Impressions

Not as big as I was expecting as we have lower rated Anker units at work that have the same footprint but double the thickness.  Nice leather look plastic which feels nice to hold, 4 ports (2 in, 2 out) on the bottom edge and a nice touch swipe lock/unlock with also doubles as capacity status.  The build also seems studied than the Anker powerbank I currently have.

In the box

  • Vivis 20,000mAh power bank
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 x USB to Micro USB cable


Well this is easy, plug it in and charge it up.  You can dual charge but make sure you have either 2 decent chargers or a single charger with multiple outputs running at least 1 Amp per output – this is 20,000mAh after all and will take a while to charge.


Its been charged and the first test was to feed a dash camera that was being used for another purpose, the camera was on for several hours and it less than 25% of the powerbank.

A full charge of my iPad and iPhone and its still showing 50% charge, so far so good.

The swipe to lock/unlock works very well but you can’t lock it when its charging, you have to disconnect the devices first.

It does get a little warm during charge/discharge but no-where near the excessive heat produced by my other powerbank the other week when charging a nearly flat iPad!


As more and more powerbanks are out there to buy the choice of what to buy is growing, which makes it harder to pick one, this is one of the powerbanks to consider when making your purchase – good build quality, dual charging inputs, dual charging outputs and a nice lock/unlock swipe feature.

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