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June 1, 2016


SHARKK Commando+ portable Bluetooth speaker and powerbank

by GFR2

Music, its one of those things that pretty much everyone loves, it gives emotion, it takes emotion and it can turn the darkest day into something joyful.  Its everywhere we look, both man and nature have their forms of music.

So we all like music, and some of us like singing (not me) but at times we want to share our love of music or enjoy it where some other things like to spoil it.  Many years ago water and electricity had a falling out and since then the two don’t get on well and this poses a problem for people who wish to take their music with them.

Those clever people at Sharkk have come up with a solution to this, the Sharkk Commando+ an IP65 (that means protected against dust and low pressure water jets from any direction) rugged 20 Watt wireless portable speaker with Bluetooth.  It also doubles up as a 6600mAh power bank, which should give your phone at least 2-3 full charges (less if you are playing and charging).

Whats in the box?

  • One hefty weighted Sharkk speaker
  • One mesh carry sack with tie ends
  • One instruction manual
  • One length of rope for the speaker
  • One power adapter (mains to USB)
  • One USB cable
  • One headphone (aux) cable (3.5mm)

First Impressions

The box itself is very well made, outer sleeve slides off to expose a hard wearing quality box, everything is packed in very neatly but easily enough to get out.

Its heavy, not in a bad way but in a solid, well built, lets take on the big boys like Bose way.
It has a rubberised coating around the outside that houses the buttons which all have a defined clickas you press them.  There is also a cover on the side that provides protection and access to the charging socket (micro USB), the aux socket and the power bank USB.

The front and back is surrounded by a decent black metal bezel which will provide protection for the speakers which sit behind a normal metal mesh panel (the front of the unit has the Sharkk logo printed on the mesh).

Did I mention it had a damn good build quality?  I’ve been looking at getting a portable bluetooth speaker for some time since someone in work brought in their Bose and showed it off to everyone.  This isn’t a Bose, its slightly larger, slightly heavier but its waterproof.  The build quality is good enough to compete with the Bose offering.


Holy hell!  Now I know I’ve spent my time playing with Bose units, and some of the cheaper versions found in Currys and the Bose is loud, the music quality of the others vary with their price (expensive isn’t always best).  I paired up my iPhone and played some music and the quality was amazing, I then noticed my iPhone volume was about 25% so up to 100% we went and then things got better – the bass, clean, zero distortion and something you’d expect from a much bigger speaker, treble again clean with zero distortion, in fact the whole range was excellent.

I then decided to crank up the volume of the unit itself, nothing I did would distort any of the 100 or so tracks I threw at it (and there are some bass loaded songs in my collection) and yes I tried everything from heavy rock through to classical, I even tried the 4 songs being used in my wedding and they were all excellent – in fact my other half did ask if we still needed a DJ at the wedding.

2 EQ settings – this appears to be a bass and volume reduction, but still delievered quality but with a noticeable drop in bass and a slightly lower volume (this could be perception bass due to the reduction in bass).

Hansdfree – yep, this has handsfree too.

Voice driven menu – very handy to have, especially when pairing with your device.

NFC – For all you Android owners out there, this also has NFC, so you can place your phone against the speaker and connect it all up.


I’m impressed, we all know I love gadgets but this has jumped into my top favourites.  I wanted a Bose, I got a Sharkk and I’m glad I did.  This is coming out at every BBQ, going to be used by my other half whilst she sings in the shower and is going to be used all the time in the kitchen when making dinner.

Well made, awesome quality sound and easy to use.

This unit was supplied by Sharkk for reviewing and is available to purchase here

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