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November 22, 2015

Turbogauge OBD2 Multifunction Display and Diagnostic Review

by GFR2

Years ago I owned a Vauxhall Meriva, no really I did!  Anyway, it had a fair number of toys but lacked any sort of Onboard Computer unless I upgraded the display at some stupid cost.  I found a solution in the form of a Scangauge II display (which this Turbogauge is a clone of) and it was OK, but the first 1 broke in a matter of days, the replacement was better except the screen was inconsistent which for £115 was poor.

Fast forward 7 years and I’m wanting to see some extra information from my Dacia, mainly as I’m just curious what things are doing whilst driving and an OBD2 display is the best way of finding this information.  Now the options are vast but also limited, if you want an OBD2 reader that works with your phone/tablet then your options are countless, if you want a more permanent installation then your options are limited.

Scangauge still have their units, Turbogauge has its clone and Ultragauge looks great but doesn’t seem to be available outside the US.  Out of the 2 options available to me I went for th Turbogauge, less than half the price of the Scangauge and as I’ve already had an ‘experience’ with the Scangauge I thought I’d give something else a chance.

First Impressions.

Its rubberised, yep that lovely smooth black coating that makes things feel more expensive than they actually are.  The buttons are real rubber and the screen has a standard scratch covered film that makes you hope its a film and not a scratched screen!  The unit has 2 ports for the OBD cable connection (like the Scangauge) but also has a USB port for updates (not like the Scangauge) The box is also a blatant clone of the Scangauge unit – yep its a full on Scangauge clone but with USB update capability.

Whats in the box?

  • Turbogauge
  • OBD2 cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Full User Guide
  • Velcro

Setting up and use.

Straight forward is what we like and most of this is so, locate your OBD port, plug in the cable, connect to the Turbogauge and then turn on your ignition.

Now at this stage I configured this without the help of the manual except to see what the fuel tank was measured in (gallons not litres) – this is where its an exact clone of the Scanguage except for the screen display colour setup and the Xgauge options.

I’ve set mine to display Battery Voltage, MAP, instant MPG and engine coolant temperature.

What next?

I’m going to run this over the next few weeks and see what its like, but the initial setup was pretty easy and it looks like a clone that should work.

Update – 29/11/2015 –  1 week of use.

So what can I say after a week? Well, I dropped instant mpg because it was very annoying with the update and when you took your foot off the throttle and the mpg went over 100mpg it would display as 101.1pg, no shifting of the display!

I changed to Intake Air Temp, to match Engine Coolnt Temp – however, I set the initial units to English rather than metric, great it gives mpg but changes the temp to F rather than C.  A quick change back and its fine, I’m not neeing the trip gauages part of the device as my car tells me that.

There is a bug, I pressed the bottom right button when displaying my gauges and they all changed, each press would bring up a slightly different set of gauges in a different order and no way to get back to the ones I set – so I set them again, and this is also a pain – lets say I want top left to be volts, if any other gauge ahows volts you can change its position, you need to change the gauge showing volts to show something else, the volts is available to display in the other position.

After 7 days, its a good purchase to display a subset of gauges and does what I wanted, if however you want to create your own gauges and have a combination of unit types (eg metric and imperial) then this isn’t for you – this is where the Scangauge will do you justice and is worth spending the extra.

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