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November 18, 2015


Anker Astro E1 Portable Power Bank Review

by GFR2

My iPhone can pretty much last me all day with my normal use, plenty of browsing, Whatsapping, texting and the odd photo here and there but I was introduced to Ingress (a game,which due to the attitude of other players I’ve stopped playing) and this game was a battery sucker – this was down to a permanent GPS connect, a permanent data connection and the fact that you are playing a live app.  This meant a massive jump in the power requirements of my iPhone and as the game is based outside its hard to take a mains extension cable to ensure it has charge.

So I went looking at powerbanks and there is a massive choice, some cheap and nasty units with very bad reviews, some mid range with good reviews and some high end with virtually no reviews.  I narrowed it down to the Anker or a TP Link, and settled for the Anker – they were both the same price, similiar power specs and about the same size.  Difference being, the Anker was in stock and the TP Link wasn’t!

Whats in the box?

A small sleak looking black box, complete with charge cable and net bag.  Nice and light and feels pretty well made so should take a few tumbles without any damage (lets not try it though!).  Also comes in frustration free, eco(ish) packaging where the outside cover is also the user guide.  The powerbank has a series of LEDS showing the charge status, these light up with a quick press of it’s button and show the LEDS when charging your device too.


Well, erm, its a battery – charge it up (takes around 5 hours depending how much electricity it still has inside it) and then take it with you.

I connected my iPhone to is using the normal Apple cable when the phone was at 60%, whilst still using the phone it started charging and very quickly it was filling the phone battery backup, no heat was generated by the phone or the powerbank during use.

On a single powerbank charge I managed 2 full charges of the iPhone with plenty of juice left.

The stated power output is 2A, this is the maximum and will depend on both the device you have and the quality of the cable used to charge it, some cheap devices/cables may not see this as an A/C charger and therefore only draw 0.5A rather than the full 2A available.


Does the job I needed it for and I have a few other uses for it – its only 5200mAh so not one of the largest capacities out there (I’ve seen some running st over 25,000) but still very effective when charging the iPhone 6’s 1810mAh battery.

This is available to purchase here

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