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August 31, 2015

Westlake SP06 205/55/16  on Dacia Stepway.

by GFR2

Not a full mini review, but initial notes on this budget tyre (£44 fitted!) – I’ve covered 700(ish) miles since having these fitted and have noticed that the dry grip is pretty much the same as the Goodyears, wet grip is better but ride comfort isn’t – smooth road they are excellent but we live in the UK! Be warned, you will feel the bumps and imperfections in the road surface. Wear rate, too early to tell. MPG, no difference seen so far.

I have noticed that these tyres cause the car to tramline.

Update – 30/10/2015

I’ve covered a lot more miles now (having just come back from Germany) and I can say that the tramlining has improved since the tyres have worn (but still happens), mpg is pretty much the same as the Goodyears and the ride quality is still harsh.

Update – 04/12/2015

Wales is covered in water again but these tyres are doing me proud – grip is excellent and no aquaplaning, this alone makes me forgive the harsher ride.

Update – 08/09/2016

19,000 miles and still 3mm of tread left, so these will be replaced in the next few weeks.  Overall an excellent tyre for the money just slightly let down by a harsher than expected ride.

Next tyres….Michelin Cross Climates, just in time for winter!

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