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July 20, 2015

Easiyo Home Yoghurt Maker Review

by GFR2

Healthy yoghurt and me?  Sounds odd but its true!  I am a creature of habit and very fussy with my taste in yoghurt, part of this is from the awful tasting stuff they used to serve in school – toffee yoghurt anyone?  This is why strawberry yoghurt has always been my flavour of choice, and pretty much limited to Muller branded ones too.

Well the social hand grenade (interesting description of him) at work told me about the Easiyo system and this was further backed up by a neighbour – really nice, fresh yoghurt.

Whats in the box?

Pretty much what you see above, the yoghurt maker, the thermal yoghurt cooker and an instruction leaflet.

How does it work?

Black magic and mirrors……or not.  Half fill the clear jug with water, empty the yoghurt sachet into it and “shake it like a polaroid picture” or until it all mixes in, then top up with water and shake it some more.  Boil a kettle and fill the other flask to the top of the red insert, stick in the other jug, place the lid on it and leave it for 12 hours.

12 hours later………

Open the thermal flask, remove the yoghurt jug and stick it in the fridge for a few hours then stir, eat and make more!


Amazing, its like Muller yoghurt at home only with more flavour and better for you – I’ve even tried and enjoyed other flavours but strawberry is still my choice.


For £7.50 from Hobby Craft you can’t go wrong – the yoghurts range from £2-£3 each but you get more than double the amount of yoghurt you would if you bought branded from your local supermarket for the same £2-£3.  Buy them in multipacks online and the price drops again, for example a pack of 3 strawberry yoghurts cost £5.49, bigger packs = more savings.

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