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May 31, 2015


Weber 57cm Kettle BBQ Review

by GFR2

After going on and on about getting one of these (and a pizza oven), my other half decided to buy me an early Xmas present, well this is the UK and the BBQ season isn’t a long one (unless like me you’ve been known to fire one up when its snowing!).

Whats in the box?

Well as expected its a bloody huge box containing  all the bits needed

  • BBQ as shown above (some assembly required)
  • Briquettes bowl
  • Indirect roasting tin
  • 2 Briquette dividers for using with the indirect roasting tin
  • Instruction Manual for assembly and use

First Impressions.

Having owned numerous BBQs over the years ranging from £15 to £80 I can honestly say none have the weight or build quality of this, all the parts feel solid, the enameled body looks very good and you feel the need to clean it when you get finger prints on it!

The briquette grill is a heafty chunk and the cooking grill is pretty decent and doesn’t flex or bend like most others, it also uses handles instead of pronged attachments which always feel like they want to break when you have to pick the cooking grill up.

The build.

Anyway who has ever had a cheap BBQ from Argos/Tesco/Homebase etc will know that they come with 100 different parts and often have missing screws and take the better part of an hour with much swearing to assemble!

This is so easy to build in comparison.  Very simple to do, took about 15 minutes to assemble with minimal tools – most of which are supplied (you need a hammer and a large flat bladed screwdriver).


I’ve been using either briquettes (best at delivering longer constant heat) or instant lighting bags (quick and easy for less cooking) on previous BBQs, now most instant lighting bags are 1KG, but I’ve got some 1.5KG bags which on my previous BBQs would give a decent cooking base.

In comes the Weber, a 1.5KG looks lost inside, so I added a second bag – gave good coverage and a decent cook without too much heat, but for a longer cook or more food I’d recommend briquettes.
Massive cooking area, easy to feed at least 4 of me, or 8 normal people with all their food, or just keep cooking for a party.

Easy to clean once cooled, and the lids stops the ash from getting wet whilst it cools overnight and we get that inevitable overnight rain shower.


I love BBQing and have wondered why I’ve not bought one of these before!  Well made, looks good, cooks plenty of food and has many many useful add-ons (like the pizza oven) so its more that just a sausage and burger burner!

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