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April 23, 2015

Flymo Turbo Lite 330 lawnmower Review

by GFR2

Well I got fed up of struggling to cut the grass with my current lawnmower, not because of the lawnmower itself but because of the lawn – its a rented house and I’m not going to spend my time making a really decent lawn for someone elses benefit but I do want it to look neat & tidy but not take my afternoon away doing so!

First Impressions.

My Dad had a flymo years ago and it was a beast of a machine, the specs of this showed it to be very light so I wasn’t sure what to expect when opening the box.  Even taking the box to the car I was surprised at how light it was, opening it up and there were 3 main parts and a bag of bits/paperwork.

The 2 part handle felt pretty decent compared to my current mower (they both fit in the same price range) but the main unit was the shock, light as anything.  Yes I know its made of plastic but it had a substantial feel to it and didn’t flex by merely looking at it!

The bag of bits contained the manual, registration, spare parts list, cable tidies, height spacers and the tool to remove the bolt holding the blade on.

The Build.
My current mower had the strangest set of instructions ever that made little sense but Flymo have thought about theirs – you don’t really need the words just the diagram showing which bits go where and which bolts to use – built and ready in under 2 minutes, part of this was the lack of weight.


Wow, yes that is correct, wow.

As my lawn resembles something of a small range of hills (thats just the flat part) and a slope which is the worst gradient ever when pushing a heavy mower up it, you can imagine that cutting this lawn on the best of days is a good 30+ minute job.
Today, from start to finish the whole thing was done in less than 10 minutes and I didn’t even break a sweat!

The range of hills, well what can I say, did someone come in overnight and flatten my lawn? No bottoming out and a nice, level and clean cut – this hover mower does its job.

The sheer face of the mountain, pfffft, again this must have been flattened, virtually no effort was required to cut this section either.

Grass cuttings – its true this mower doesn’t have a collection box which helps with its weight and you’d think would leave a mess, but no, just a few straight lines of cuttings easily raked up or left to the wind to tidy.


Simple, why didn’t I buy one of these before?

If you have any lumps, bumps, grand canyons, hills or even just plain flat grass then I’d highly recommend this mower.  Its light, its so easy to use and doesn’t take up much room in the shed – in fact, you could easily hang it from some hooks if you have the room.

I even cut the front lawn too, the things I do on a well earned day off!

Update 25/07/2015.

Still going strong, working well and cutting all sorts or lengths of grass with ease – also didn’t damage the blade when I somehow uncovered a boulder in the ant canyon of death in my garden mountain range!  Found it also works very well on damp grass (you know that patch that refuses to dry after a few days of rain).

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