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April 19, 2015


DLink DCS-932L Cloud Camera Review

by GFR2

One for the house this time.

And before you ask, no its not a camera to view clouds!

Since the end of last summer (that one day a year in August the UK looks forward too), our cat has been over grooming to the point she went bald on her underside.  The vet said its nothing to worry about but she could be stressed about something, the something though could be difficult to find.

After several months of changing a single thing at a time the cat is happier in herself but still over grooming (but not to the same extent), a conversation the other day with the vet led to recalling an event last summer when our cat ran at the patio door when another cat came into the garden, something she had never done with other cats.  So after using these at work for monitoring some IT comms areas I thought I’d get one for home, eBuyer had this on offer for £30 – don’t pay more as this offer comes around quite often.

First Impressions

Well I’d already tried and tested these at work so I knew what to expect.  Typical Dlink packaging, robust and colourful with plenty of info on the box, nicely packaged inside, came with camera, power adaptor, flat ethernet cable, screws, leaflets and setup CD.

Setup & Install.

Home setup was a little different to work as they were set for motion detection and alerting in addition to monitoring.

Stuck the CD in the PC and followed the very simple onscreen prompts, within a matter of minutes to was connected and configured on my home network and tied into a newly created mydlink account which allows you to monitor the camera from the web or for me an app installed on my iPhone.  The whole setup from unboxing to finalising its position took less than 10 minutes which also included an automatic firmware update (optional).

Picture Quality.

On my home network its pretty clear so if I wanted to view it from upstairs then its nice and clear albeit 640×480 resolution at a frame rate of 30fps, not tested the audio aspect as I just want to view the goings on.  Auto switches from day to night mode and is clear in both.

Night vision with cat
These pictures were taken via the iphone app and this is where it struggles, but part of this could be down to the pathetic upload speed ADSL in the UK.


A cheap and simple IP camera with remote monitoring, works well for small rooms so ideal for homes, store cupboards and comms rooms.  Don’t expect full HD footage at this price, but still decent enough for your basic needs.

And the cat?  Well we’re none the wiser, but her fur has grown back well so it could have just been one of those things.

Update 25/07/2015.

Our small village was finally brought into 2015 and we have fibre broadband (well fttc anyway), this meant I got to update the frame rate and quality on the camera, its certainly clearer and a lot less pixelated but as its not HD it’ll never be much better – still good for seeing how lazy the cat actually is!

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